Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good numbers and Moving in more on Monday

Good numbers and Moving in more on Monday

I first want to just say that I sincerely appreciate everyone's care, concern, and helpful comments for last night's blog. Thank you. I will be going to the Doctor as soon as I can, hopefully Monday.

Today I told my boyfriend's parents about my scary ordeal last night in the shower. My boyfriend's mother Tracy immediately called her sister-in-law to see if she had a blood pressure monitor. Luckily, she did have one and brought it over. I also had my blood sugar checked by my boyfriend's dad. Kenny was recently diagnosed with Diabetes, so he had a blood sugar monitor on hand. Both readings resulted in perfect numbers. So I'm really wondering why the episode happened. I will be going to a doctor on Monday for a more in depth check-up. My mother has feared for a while that I might be Anemic. Hopefully on Monday I can be examined to determine whether or not I am Anemic. I'm praying that it isn't something serious.

Today I woke up bright and early. I heading to moving in day at the dorms. I got my key to my room hoping my room mate would not be there just yet. I wanted to be the first to get there so I could choose my side of the room. The room is set up where the bed closest to the door only has one plug in, and it is by the built in desk. On the other side there are two plug ins. One by the built in desk and one by the air unit, which is where I put my TV last year. Of course I wanted the side of the room with two plug ins. It just makes it easier. I have a lot of things to plug in. Plus the room is the same room I had last year, and I got very comfortable with the far side of the room. My boyfriend, KL helped me empty my car full of stuff today at the dorm rooms. What a WORKOUT! KL and I were completely soaked with sweat, and in need of some water once it was over with. The whole time we were going up the elevator with our hands full, taking things up to my room and then coming down the stairs back down to my car to get more stuff. I kept hoping I would run in to my room mate. I was so excited to be the confident girl that I know is inside of me. I wanted to introduce myself, and begin to start easing the awkwardness of living in a room with someone you don't know, because believe me it is soooo awkward especially if you don't try and make the effort to talk to one other. Which is what I did with my first room mate last year. SOOO I was excited to start getting to know her TODAY! But I guess I can wait until Monday. Blahhhh.

My parents are coming tomorrow! I can't wait to see them. It feels like it's been a long time since I have seen them, even though it's only been a week. I think I just need to start adjusting again to being back at school without Mom, Dad, and Sissy around. It's strange because sometimes I feel like I'm not supposed to be 19 going on 20. Where did my teen years go? I suppose all adults look back and say that at some point in their lives. I guess it is just still weird to me being in this important transition in my life. The transition of being independent, and being on my own. Wow, that derailed to a depressing note. Sorry! Anyways! My parents will be here tomorrow. Courtney isn't coming because she can't miss Monday at school, this breaks my heart. I have really grown close to my sister these last couple of years. When I left home last Sunday, she just started crying while hugging me goodbye. I really really really wish she was coming to stay the night too, because I won't see her for about a month! I hate that! I am very excited my parents will be here though, because I will not be able to see them again until a break comes around.

My parents and I are going to be up bright and early Monday morning. I have to see about getting into the doctor office and we are heading up to the college campus to finish more paper work that the school still needs for me, get a new ID photo, and move the rest of my stuff up to my room. I'm hoping to see my room mate Monday. Then my parents will be able to meet her too. It will be good. Looking forward to it!

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  1. Oh Amber I am so pleased you got those numbers ...that is a relief...I think you will find that it was cause you were in a confind space and in a hot shower bending over and getting up to quick....If you are anemic, it can cause you to feel light headed and dizzy but you will just have to take a iron pill (very small)not forever either....don't stress.... I am feeling much better about the eposide you have... (Oh I am a nurse too )

    I am so glad you got the side of the room you wanted...I am hoping you will get a lovely girl who you can bond with very quickly..
    So glad you get to see mum and dad so soon ..that is really cool...
    that month will fly and you will see Courtney before you know it
    Look forward to you next post...keep smiling

  2. Fantastic post. I was so relieved when you called me today with those perfect BP and blood sugar numbers. We all were. Can't wait to see you sweety! We certainly wish Courtney could come, but she can't miss unless she's sick---too much stuff she might miss, being so early in the school year, you understand.
    Get some rest baby. We really missed you at the rock show tonight. I think Courteny would have had much more fun with you there. We had fun, don't get me wrong, but it's kind of hard to really get into the music with your dad right there at you side---hey, I understand that. We didn't stay for the entire Puddle of Mudd portion of the show---we wanted to beat the crowd out of there. We almost asked the entire band for a picture...they were all just standing there---guitars around their neck---the drummer clutching his sticks---waiting to go on stage---three feet in front of us, but it just wouldn't have been "cool" to ask at that moment---They had a job to do called rock and roll! And rock they did, oh my---they were rocking way to hard for the average person I'm pretty sure.
    Really wanted you there---it would have been fun for you and even better for us!
    See you tomorrow!


  3. Good news! Hope this year at school will be a great year for you! You must tell us what you are studying. Love your quotes at the end--where do find those?

  4. I love you baby! so happy that your blood sugar and blood pressure werent high, i was so worried when I read your post yesterday and so tired from my terrilbly long 23 hour day at work that I called ashley and left her a voicemail thinking it was you, telling her how worried and scared I was and that I loved of my mind I know, great post baby!! cannot wait to see you in a few, and we will get you to the doctor on monday!!

    Love you so very much my sweetie it was so good to hear your voice today as always!! Sorry for moms terrible schedule, and dad didnt tell me you werent feeling well I had to read it on your blog...I hate that, you should have called or texted or something, I dont want to find out on your blog baby, REALLY...

    love you soooo very much!!!
    see you soon!!
    momma girl

  5. I'm so glad your numbers were normal :)
    And you'll have a great visit tomorrow i'm sure.
    I would definitely be nervous about a new roommate but they can't help but like you because you're so sweet!!

  6. Glad those numbers were good. You talking about maybe being anemic made me think maybe all you might need is a good muli-vitamin with iron.

    I got all teary eyed thinking about the whole college thing, my oldest is a senior in high school this year. I think he's going to hang around and get his associates from our local college so maybe I won't be saying goodbye for a few more years *smile*. It's tough letting you guys go as much as it you leaving us. Hope you love your new roommate. Have a good time with mom and dad tomorrow too. Hope the doctors goes well.

  7. Love the quote! Did you think of that yourself? Good luck on meeting your new roommate. I'm sure it will feel good for you to finally open up and be the you that you really are inside.

  8. I'm glad your numbers were good, too. I'm glad you're going to the doctor so you can figure it out.

    I have anxiety attacks and sometimes they just hit me out of the blue. Especially when something new or different is going on in life. They actually make me mad--they're scary and I wish they'd just go away.

    I never got to go away to college, so I loved reading about your dorm, getting things set up, etc. I hope you have a great roommate and the two of you get along well.

    Enjoy your parents' visit!

  9. Hey Amber!!! I'm so proud of you for doing the responsible thing and getting the numbers checked right away. It's a great relief to know you're A-OK!! I hope the dr's visit goes well....if it turns out that you're anemic then you're going to need more iron in your diet. Spinach is a good source of iron and tastes great in a salad!

    Good for you for letting your confidence show...I hope you and your new roommate become great friends and that your school year is brilliant. :)