Friday, August 14, 2009

Black out scare and Move in day at the dorms bright and early

Black out scare and Move in day at the dorms bright and early

Tonight was scary. The evening started out just like a lazy night. I ate dinner with my boyfriend's mom, Tracy as the two of us watched the movie Son In-Law. After the movie Tracy decided to get on the computer a little bit before she went to bed, so I decided to take a shower before coming to write my blog. I felt fine. Everything was fine. I grabbed my clothes and a clean towel and headed for the bathroom. The shower is a small in-closed area with a glass door. I was in there a while on the account that I wanted to shave my legs. After I finished shaving and washing I then began to shampoo my hair. While using the shampoo I felt really light headed and dizzy. Then what happened next really scared me. I was seeing black dots. The black dots started to intensify and I soon became very short of breath. I was having trouble breathing, and I could barely see in front of me because the black dots were getting worse by the second. It quickly clicked in my head that I needed to do something or I was going to pass out in the shower. I opened the big glass door and felt the cool outside air of the bathroom on my face, but I still couldn't catch my breath. I then sat on the toilet and wrapped the clean towel around myself. I felt very sick to my stomach and the black dots had not improved. I just knew I was having a black out. I have had them before but it has been a very long time. The last time I had one I was in the 8th grade, I was having a panic attack at school in my keyboarding class. I remember running out of the classroom to get some air and almost falling down two flights of stairs. The school had called my mom, and I went to the ER. I had almost blacked out in the doctors office while the nurse was checking my blood pressure. She had to stop checking it because I was seeing the same black dots I seen tonight and I almost passed out. Once she was able to check my blood pressure, it was through the roof. Anyways, so I am in the bathroom and I can't really seem to catch my breath. I just sat there with shampoo in my hair trying to breath slowing in and out. I was almost to the point of tears. My boyfriend's dad, Kenny was awake in the next room, and I was just about to yell at him to tell him that there was seriously something wrong, when finally my vision was improving. I opened the bathroom door just a crack to get some air into the room. I started breathing normal again and wasn't dizzy any longer. The whole episode lasted about 5 minutes. I don't know what the deal was. I don't know if it was because of shaving my legs while having to stand up in the small shower and bend down constantly to shave, or maybe the small area of the shower. I don't know because I have never had that happen in the shower EVER. I am hoping it was something simple and not serious. I'm a little tired from the whole thing...I feel very weak right now. If anyone knows what it may be please comment and let me know.

The big MOVE-IN day at my dorms is tomorrow morning at 9:00am. That is why the blog is being cut short tonight because I need to get to bed! One thing is for sure about tomorrow though...when I meet my new room mate, I'm not going to hold back. I'm not going to be closed off and shy. I am going to introduce myself and be as outgoing as I possibly can! I'm going to bring out my confidence that I know is in me! Who knows maybe she will become a good friend.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who read and commented my first blog post yesterday! It really made my day today! To have a big support system is amazing. WE can all reach our goals! We have to just all keep on keeping on and we will make it!

You may procrastinate, but just remember that time does not! The present is a great time to change the rest of our lives!



  1. Amber the fact that you have had this before could point to the high blood pressure again

    It could be a number of things...... It could be an anxiety attack (cause of leaving home again and new room mate etc)
    It could be low blood pressure (thought the dots make me think otherwise)
    It could be from lack of food or overheating in the small shower....

    It is so hard to tell not knowing what your blood pressure is .....
    Is there anyway of getting your BP done....If not tonight please go and get it checked tomorrow.....will you promise me is very important....
    Like I said it could not be BP but you really need to make sure...

    I am very proud that you are going to make an effort with the roommate and not hide yourself away....You never know she may have just gone thru the same changes you are or maybe she is ready to make the changes... or maybe she will be quite insecure....what ever her nature is ....if you don't let yourself know her and vise versa then you are holding something VERY SPECIAL back from her

    I hope you go to the Dr's and I will be looking for your next post

    you can contact me on

  2. Baby--we just talked---listen, let's not wait until we get there Sunday or Monday morning. Go have your blood pressure checked at least.
    I was also thinking low blood pressure---or blood sugar issues...And possibly the constant bending over in the shower caused all of the blood to rush to your made you feel strange and that triggered a panic attack.

    I love you dollface...please promise me too that you'll go get that checked tomorrow. It doesn't cost anything to have it checked somewhere, it shouldn't. Even the free machine at Walgreens---Then we'll get you into some kind of clinic on Monday morning while we're there.
    Your mother is going to be worried sick, so don't wait too long---go check the BP and then let us know asap, you understand?
    I love you baby---It was awesome to hear your voice earlier---Did you eat something like I told you? Get some rest baby.

    Hold your head high tomorrow at that dorm because you're Amber Anderson! And Amber Anderson is amazing!!! You know that's right!!! Love you girly

  3. What an exciting day ahead of you! I loved college. I miss it. I just kept going and going until I got about 1/3 through my PhD and then decided it was more fun to stay home with my babies. Please go get yourself checked out tomorrow. Don't worry, it could be any thing like Kathie or your Dad said--but you should still be checked just to be safe. Your blog is great! You already have 23 followers on your first day--that must be a world record. I wouldn't expect anything less from an Anderson! Thank you for the comments and thank you for sharing your blog.

  4. 23 Visits... I know Bonnie ...pretty cool eh... I have been doing mine for ages and have....wait for it 6

    Amber you ARE special cause they are all following you girl

  5. Oooh, that sounds a bit scary - hope you get to the bottom of it and it was just simply one of those things.

    Good luck with your move, I am sure you will love it!

  6. I was thinking blood sugar just because you had just eaten, but that doesn't explain the black dots; just the faint feeling. Blood pressure can cause the black spots, though it's not "common." Panic attacks can cause breathing difficulty, nausea, and will even increase your blood pressure. The heat of the shower more than likely increased circulation as well which would affect blood flow. Do me a favor, Ambee, go get your blood pressure checked like your Dad told you and then plan on getting a fasting blood sugar done in the very near future, just to be sure. Whatever it is, it needs to be checked very soon. Even it was just a panic attack from the confined space of the shower,(which could explain all the symptoms you were having) you will need to know that to avoid small spaces in the future so as to not pass out and then end up with head trauma.

    Take care and let me know how you are doing very soon,-k? And good luck on your roomie introduction. She'll love you!

  7. Definitely go get the BP checked! To me it probably is a combo of all the above.
    However, let us know what you find and and i hope your doing better today!

  8. This has happened to me twice, too. Often, if you're bent or hunched over, when you stand up you'll begin to feel faint and your blood pressure will spike because your heart is working extra hard to get blood to your head. This can be exacerbated by being dehydrated, but for some people it has nothing to do with dehydration--it's just how your body is, and you have to be mindful of it.

    I would definitely confer with your doctor, but I think it's likely that the hunching over and hot shower, combined with standing up suddenly, caused the problem. As I mentioned, this has happened to me in the past, but now I am just careful to stand up slowly if I've been sitting or hunched over for some time. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Hope everything is ok. Sounds like you have a plan and direction from your folks. Just take it easy and get that BP checked. Hopefully it's nothing to serious. I've had similar things happen to me when I've bent over for extended periods of time. Usually just sitting awhile has fixed it.

  10. Your dad gave you the best advice. Take care of yourself, get your BP checked.

    I have panic attacks, but I have never had black dots. The breathing thing, I get that. I just want air.

    You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. I get this if I stand up too fast...always have. Your dad has the best advice. Go check your BP and then go to the doctor. Better to be safe than sorry. For me, mine is nothing to worry about. But I did have it checked before I could say that.

    Take care of yourself. These are stressful times for you.

  12. No time for sweet words honey...I am diabetic and I have high blood pressure. Could be high sugar or high blood pressure. Get yourself to a place to have it check as soon as possible. It's probably too late tonight, it's 11pm where I'm at....but at least no later than tmrw. Every drug store almost has a free machine, althought I cannot account for the accuracy. However, you can get your blood pressure checked any time, day or night, at any fire station in the country. I believe them to be more accurate. I've done it, and so has my Dad. Do it. Do it soon. Not to be alarming's just always better to be safe than sorry. And you already know this is going to worry your parents sick. Just do it, okay? :)