Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy, busy, busy and Getting back into the swing to get that A+

Busy, busy, busy and Getting back into the swing to get that A+

School starting back up brings back the crazy schedule. Classes, Studying/Homework, Writing papers, Part-time job, Working out, Writing my blog, and Finding time to myself. I haven't yet been to my dorm since I moved in. My boyfriend currently doesn't have a working car to get to school in. He lives about 20 minutes away from the college campus. So, I have been staying at his house to give him rides to school. This effects my schedule. This weekend he will be hopefully getting a car to use at least to get to school. I'm looking forward to staying at my dorm, and unpacking everything to get situated in my room properly. I want to get my routine back. I have kinda been in a slump lately. I haven't really done much exercise. I have been eating right though. I haven't derailed from my calorie counting. However, I feel just horrible when I don't get my workout in. I know I have no excuse not to do SOME type of exercise. I just prefer the comfortable SWOSU Wellness Center. That provides a wide variety of exercise equipment there for my using pleasure. I can't wait to get back into my routine. My routine is very important I believe to my success, especially being on my own at school. I need that routine to keep me focused. I know what you are thinking "Yeah, but Amber life throws you situations and it might not follow your routine, then what?" Well, I am still working on that. I know my day isn't always going to follow my routine. But getting back to school, and getting back into the groove of things. I need that routine to guide me the first couple of weeks being back. That routine is my modivation. Monday night I should be settled into my dorm room, and before bed Monday hit the gym. I can't wait to tell you all about the Wellness Center!

My first day of class was this last Wednesday. The day went well. Bascially all it really involves is meeting your professors, and the professors explaining what all the class will be focused around and certain rules and regulations that particular professor has on things like his/hers office hours and contact information, attendence, homework, grading proceedures, and stuff like that. Pretty boring, but good day overall.

I have chose my schedule this semester to give me plenty of time for workouts and the part-job I will need to obtain very soon.

My current class schedule is:
World History - 10:00am - Only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Foundations of Education - 11:00am - Only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
College Algebra - 1:00pm - Only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
English Composition II - 12:30pm - Only on Tuesday and Thursday

(Side note: Books in college are WAY to expensive. I spend $400 on the books required for all of these classes. Not including any other school supplies! Right now your mouths have dropped to the floor, I know right! Good GREIF!)

So, I'm completely done with class at 2:00pm everyday. That leaves a lot of time for other things.

However, I'm not sure what my work schedule will look like, since I'm not employed at the moment. Hopefully it will still leave plenty of time for studying and I will just have to make time for my workouts. I just I'm just worried about how tight my schedule is going to be. I get stressed out really easily. I didn't get as many loans and grants as I did last year, so that's where the part-time job comes into effect. I also have a lot of studying on my plate this semester with History, Math, and English. Core classes that require a lot of writing and studying. But I will NOT let a busy schedule mess up my weight loss journey. Too many times in the past, my schedule and day to day life has won. This time my exercise is going to be just as important as a homework assignment. The way I see it my grades are important to me. In school I try my very best and do everything I can to make that A. I see now that I have to put that same effort, that same goal into my weight loss. I have to treat each day as if I am working towards the ultimate grade I want for my body. I am going to have homework everyday, whether or not any of my professors assign something, and that homework will be GET INTO THE GYM. Get your exercise in. I don't want a zero for the day. I want a 100%. My calorie counting is only 50% of this equation. Consistency is the key. I have to be consistent with my working out. That is the game plan, and it is sure to work.

A big thank you to all that gave me a BLOG AWARD! What an honor! I'm so pleased you all like my blog, and I will try my best to keep the blog postings coming as time permits. I understand I have to pass the blog award on to 15 lucky fellow bloggers. However, I do not have the time to do that tonight, it's already 12:38am and I have class at 10:00am tomorrow! But I will pass out the 15 blog awards this weekend for sure! Also anyone that can help me with HTML on this site, it would be much appreciated! I'm still new to the site, and I would like to add maybe a nice new layout of my choice and some neat little things to the side like some of you have updating blog readers on your total weight loss to date and other various things.

The blog is being cut short tonight. I wanted to make a real long and interesting indepth blog tonight. But time has run out! I had homework tonight reading for History class and it took up most of the evening. Thank you all for reading and leaving me comments. I think your support really will help me along my journey and getting to my final goal! And I hope that I can do the same for you!

The sky isn't the limit. There are no limits.



  1. Thats right there are no LIMITS you can go as far as you want to...I love you and miss you!! We are so proud of you baby, Im sure the schedule will work out okay and allow time for whatever you need it to...Miss you like CRAZY!!! Love you so much!! I will be off labor day weekend by the way so sure hope we get to see you either we come there or you come here...either way gotta see my Baby!!

    love you so very much ambeeeee girl.
    Momma Girl xoxxoxo

  2. If anyone can do this Amber you can.....schedules and routines are what I live can do it ... I believe in you....

    Now as for you site....pretty sure when I was on blog spot if you wanted to add something you just clicked add a gadget and it listed everything you could do ....let me know if I don't make sense and I will see if I can help

    email :


    The sky is the limit girl....reach for the stars :-')

  3. Wow, that sounds like a busy schedule, but as you get into it, everything will fall into place. I agree about routine helping a lot. When it gets thrown off, all we can do is muddle through, making the right choices (hmmm, where did I get that from?) and then get back on track when things settle down.

    Sounds like you are in for a great semester!

  4. Cutting it short? It was a wonderfully written--very nice length blog. Not short at all baby! I love your attitude sweety, it's one of a real winner. Not just for weight loss, but the attitude of a winner in life. I'm so proud of you and I so look forward to your wonderful future.


  5. I had a hard time going to school and trying to walk or do something. I was one of those people that put my health on the back burner while I was in school. I know what you mean about trying to fit a workout into a school schedule. It sucks. But I beleive it can be done if you want it bad enough. I didn't want it that bad back then. I do now, though.
    I think it all goes back to attitude. I think it was your dad that wrote about thinking 'as if' wasn't it? I think 'as if' these days and it helps alot. I think like a healthier person, therefor I behave like a healthier person. Well, you know how all that psychological stuff works. I don't have to tell you. :-)

    Take good care of you. No one else can do it for you.
    x's & o's

  6. I wonder if I can post a comment even though I don't have a blog... let's find out :)

    Hey Amber it's Kerri, your myspace internet friend :) I LOVE your list of reasons to lose weight. Every single one I read I agreed to everything, I felt exactly the same way. And they are all good reasons to do it. I've had a few that you didn't mention like, I can trade cute clothes with all my tiny friends haha. And here's another thing to think about and quite possibly cherish, though we are bigger and we've been battling this for life, when we finally do lose all the weight... all the people we know will have sooo much respect for us cause we used to be the "bigger girls" but we worked SO DAMN HARD to get the body we will soon have. We have that over the naturally skinny people. We aren't just "lucky" we earned the body we will get. And it gives us more stregnth and character cause we worked so much harder to get it. :) People wont say "man, I wish I were as lucky as you that you dont have to do a thing or diet or excersize and you still have a banging body" people will be like "wow I wish I were as strong and determined as you are to lose that much weight" That's just a positive way of thinking, God made us bigger, to challenge us and make us stronger and more determined so that we REALLY cherish the body we have in the end :) Best of luck to you everything this year brings for you! I hope I'll have the time and energy to create my own blog soon! And I just want you to know, whether or not I start a blog or keep up with yours everyday, I am very inspired by YOU! :) Love you girl and keep up the good work!!

    - Kerri Leigh

  7. I know at school it can get hectic but make sure you leave enough time to look after you :) After all your the most important thing!!

  8. You have a lot on your plate (not food, of course lol) but you also have a lot of determination. It will be a tough year with those core classes, but you were very wise to set your schedule up like you did! I think you'll have a wonderful year!

    Amber, don't ever worry about commenting on my blog. I know you're busy and I'd rather you spend your time on yourself. But I'm sure going to enjoy sharing your journey with you!

  9. Hello Miss Amber,

    Time is one of those things you never have enough of. So I diary in things like exercise, after work work (I am a teacher) meetings, everything else that goes in, BUT first thing that goes in is my exercise and goal for the day.

    Also you can read and bike at the same time, just an idea to get two things done at once.

    You will get there honey I know you will!!

    Life throws you curve balls its how you hit them out of the park that counts :)

    Take care

  10. Hi Amber:
    I know when you see my comments you must think "what is that old lady doing reading MY blog"?? But it feels like just yesterday when I was in college. Your blog fills me with so many good wishes for you and good decisions that I didn't make then. I hope you won't mind me offering you some advice (even though you are clearly very successful without advice from a 46 year old. . . )

    First, find some activity that you and your boyfriend like to do together so even if you don't have the gym and scheduled workout you are doing something. It's essential that you choose people in your life who are willing to walk with you toward your goals.

    Next, sign up for a gym class of some kind. Do it now if you can add it, even if it's not for credit. I majored in the sciences specifically so I did not have to take gym. I really wish I had taken something to boost my confidence and skill and to have something that I could fall back on to do as fun and a hobby. Pick something you think you might stick with--whether it's swimming or archery or bowling.

    Rent a fridge or buy one (they aren't that expensive) to have one for your room if you don't have one. Then you can stock it with good snacks and even eat some meals there that you know how to count. (This was the one thing I did do. . .but not until I was an upper classman.)

    Best wishes to you. I am so glad to be following your journey.

  11. I like the whole idea of getting that A for our bodies too. It definitely has to be on the list of things to do. Sounds like you have a great game plan. Hope you have a good week.

  12. Hi Amber!! I love the comment from your friend Kerri. Surround yourself with friends like that...the postive ones that want to prioritize their health. It's always easier when you have good friend with the same goals as you.

    I didn't start college to get my Accounting degree until I was 33. I'm 37 now, and still haven't finished my core classes!!!! So starting now and not putting it off means you are already ahead of the game. Whatever you do, no matter how tough it NOT quit. Just don't do it. Keep at it can do this, I know you can.

    I can already see through your posts what a strong, confident, determined and intelligent young lady you are and that will take you where you need to go. I'm so glad that you have such a strong family unit with parents and a sister who love you and support you whole-heartedly in everything you want to do in life.

    I understand about busy schedules...I've done the 40-50 hr/wk job, full-time classes, taking care of errands and household chores, doing all the cooking and cleaning, and taking care of a roommate with cerebal palsy. I'm the master at time management skills, lol, so if you ever need any help or advice, you can always email me honey. My blog email is listed on the right side of my blog. I'm always available and willing to help those who are willing to help themselves.

    You've got a wonderfully bright future ahead of you and I'm excited to be able to follow your blog. Hang in there girlfriend! I'm here if you need me! :)